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Corporate Baby Gifts

Corporate Gift Boxes

Exceptional Gifts for new Mums and Dads


Looking for a unique gift that nurtures parent and infant wellbeing, along with the all-essential adorable baby gift?
Drowning in a sea of blue and pink baby gifts?
Want something really special and memorable that will helps new parents to enjoy this precious time in their lives?


Over the last few years, I’ve had numerous occasions where I was looking to buy a special gift for a new parent: for employees, chipping-in for work colleagues or for friends and family. Beyond cute baby outfits and maybe stretch-mark cream, there’s not really that much out there! So here we’ve created unique parent and baby gifts that focus on looking after Mum and Dad as well as an adorable little baby gift!

Becoming a new parent is a huge transition, irrespective of how many children you may already have. It can be hard to prioritise yourself in the early months and weeks, and so this gift is here to do just that – provide new Mums and Dad’s with something that nurtures their mental and physical wellbeing, and helps connect them to the wider parenting community.

These gifts are suitable for both new mums and dads and help them to get off to a positive start on their parenting journey. They are perfect as a Company Gift for new parents, or for work colleagues or friends to chip in for a really meaningful, memorable gift.

5% of all sale price on all gifts is donated to Irish Parenting Charities to assist with building and improving community supports for new parents. Cuidiú is our charity of choice for 2018.