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GentleBirth Workshops

We specialise in coaching and workshops for women and men navigating the huge identity transition of becoming a parent and the corresponding impact on life and career.

For new parents about to embark on one of the biggest identity transitions of their lives, or existing parents trying to figure out how they are going to increase their brood while keeping all the plates spinning - managing your mental wellness and taking time to plan ahead are the greatest gifts you can give to yourself.

As soon as you dip that first toe into the world of pregnancy and parenting, you can be hit with a barrage of family, friends, well-wishers, businesses and clever marketing strategies telling you what you ‘must’ do and offering often unsolicited, and unfortunately regularly conflicting advice. This continues into parenting and combines with the exhilaration and vulnerability of exploring this new version of you and your life. This can be overwhelming and chip away at your confidence, self-belief and happiness and if left unchecked can spiral into negative self-talk and beliefs and towards mental health concerns such as stress, anxiety, depression.


We can help you to successfully navigate this transition through one-to-one individualised coaching sessions where we set goals based on what you want to achieve and then work together to help you achieve these goals. This can be: planning for baby-on-the-way-stage; figuring-out-this-new-version-of-you/your-family stage; returning-to-work or career-refresh stage or even an "uh-oh how-did-we-get-here" stage.

If you would like to avail of a free coaching consultation please give us a shout.


We also offer men-only and women-only workshops to gain some planning/realising headspace; prepare for your break from your career or prepare to return to work - all including access to an online community of like-minded individuals embarking on the same life-stage. You can learn more about upcoming workshops or about workshop and coaching packages (e.g. maternity coaching pre/post maternity leave + workshop) here.

In taking a uniquely holistic approach, we also offer positive birth preparation workshops for couples and help you to get off to a great start with positive and mindful parenting tools. Just like an athlete mentally, emotionally and physically prepares for a big event, we teach women brain training techniques and equip parents with practical information and tools for success on one of the biggest days of their lives and into the early days of parenting. We help mothers to connect with their inner strength and resilience to identify their goals and come out the other side feeling confident in themselves and having had an empowering, positive experience – including when that means last minute change of plans or being faced with non-ideal scenarios. All of this is with the goal of you achieving YOUR positive outcome, whatever that may mean to you.

You can learn more about birth preparation workshops here.