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Business Change

No matter what change you are planning or implementing, more often than not it can be a hectic, relentless process, with long days and last minute panics, and very little time to take a step back and reflect on how things are going.

We have experience of a wide spectrum of organisation change including new start-ups, exponential business growth, large enterprise restructures, downsizing including company closure, and working with individuals and team through redundancies, retirement, redeployment.

We can help smooth the frazzled nerves, pressured interactions, and inject a renewed energy and confidence in navigating these often exciting, confusing and turbulent times.

So, how do we do this?

Well, we provide one-to-one Executive Coaching to help business leaders and founders successfully handle tremendous pressure, plan for changes ahead, work through encountered roadblocks or deal with the personal impact of change.

We also provide Group Coaching or Workshops in preparing leadership teams to execute change, taking stock mid-project or de-briefing after a significant change event.

Employee Wellness

Employee Wellness is fast becoming an essential facet of any solid engagement and retention plan. At its most basic level it is concerned with nutrition and physical health - but to really make a difference in a modern and diverse workforce you need to look at the whole person; their mental and physical wellness; enabling your employees to bring their ‘whole selves’ to work and instilling a company culture that resonates with people and treats every employee as an individual.

Here at Strength Within, we are focused on helping people and businesses to thrive through change whether that is a personal or company transition.  We work with businesses to support, retain and develop their leadership pipeline through times of transition in and out of the organisation. We specialise in helping career-focused women and men successfully navigate the huge identity and life transition that comes with becoming a parent and to balance this with your ongoing career ambitions and aspirations.  This comes in the form of ‘maternity coaching’ packages for female leaders; men-only and women-only workshops to gain some planning/realising headspace; leadership workshops and support materials to successfully manage people embarking on or returning from extended leave; or bespoke coaching packages to suit your company-specific needs. As part of any of the above offerings we can also undertake company diagnostics to assess how to improve your wellness offering for parents and continue to engage and retain this crucial leadership pipeline.

Leadership Change

Joining a new organisation as a Leader or stepping up into a Leadership role in your current organisation can be a daunting time for most. There are a whole fresh set of demands to contend with, often with new peers and new stakeholders and not very many (if any) people you can talk to about it. Well, you can come talk to us! We can be your sounding board, help you to work through your strategic plans and successfully navigate all the trials and tribulations of your new role. We can also help you to push through your inner conflicts to create greater mental clarity, balance and improve decision-making and performance.

We can also help if you have been tasked with leading on a difficult change project or if you have a leadership team or talent pipeline that would benefit from one-to-one Coaching or Group sessions.


Culture Change

Perhaps you are a start-up business, keen to start as you mean to go on with company culture. Or maybe, you have grown exponentially and have not had a chance to inject a considered culture, or are a large organisation that has undergone significant change and are in need of a renewed culture to match your new organisation and engage more fully with your employees? We can help you to take a step back and look at who you are, what is most important to you and your business and how you can instil a solid, positive, emotionally intelligent culture that resonates with your existing and potential employees - ultimately improving employee engagement and retention, and helping to attract and secure future employees.  We can also work with you to successfully embed your new culture across your business.