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DisruptHR Dublin – WAHM version…

Disrupt HR WAHM

Bit of light-hearted humour for the working parents among us!  If you haven't seen my recent DisruptHR talk, you can watch it here. This is the polished version, where I've had time to practice and make myself presentable.

I'm a parent of two small children, so when I'm not with clients or working on growing my business, I can usually be found hanging out with my two little dudes and their fantastic Dad.  In these modern times, it's less work-life 'balance' and more work-life 'blend' or 'juggle', and so here I find myself trying to rehearse my DisruptHR talk with a little 'fixer' in tow.

So, to tell a story with hashtags...#workingparent #workingfromhome #workjugglefail #drillbaby #nevertrustabusytoddler #catlikereflexes #rememberedthewordsanyway #nailedit #practicemakesperfect #nomakeupnofilterwhocares #workingfromhomewithtoddlerthreads #tripodfail #ahighchairisnotasuccessfultripod #stackingblocksarenottoosturdyeither #momprenuer #WAHM #womeninbusiness #femaleleadership #ifyoucantlaughatyourself


Disrupt HR Outtake - WAHM version from Claire Flannery on Vimeo.

p.s. If you were thinking of booking me for a speaking gig or corporate coaching and then came across this...I can assure you a) I'm a very professional and polished business woman b) no, the toddler doesn't come to work with me c) I always make time to practice 😛

Claire Flannery is the Founder and Owner of Strength Within coaching and consultancy, where she focuses on helping people create the headspace and mental clarity to discover, cultivate and maximise their strength within. She is a qualified Business Psychologist, Executive, Business & Personal Coach and Gentlebirth Instructor with over a decade of experience working in HR leadership in Financial Services. She is also a Mum to two small boys and has personal experience of successfully managing her career while preparing to transition out of, and back into, the workforce; and is passionate about helping people to successfully navigate the huge identity and life transition involved in starting and growing a family. As a large part of her work, she is privileged to work with women and their partners as they make their journey through pregnancy, birth and early parenting. Along with Coaching services, she runs Gentlebirth and Return-to-Work workshops in Dublin, Ireland.

2 thoughts on “DisruptHR Dublin – WAHM version…”

  1. Love it Claire – great work to the little man too, think he adds a certain je ne sais quoi to the proceedings.

    1. Thanks Kate :). He’s not quite sure what’s going on and why he can’t ‘fix’ my laptop with his drill, but he holds it together well!

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