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BTWAB coffee morning

Free Coffee Mornings: Back to Work After Baby

Before becoming a parent, I hadn’t ever really given much thought to mum & baby community support groups, or possibly no thought at all. I knew that parenting was tough-going (everyone said so) and I kind of thought that maternity leave would be a bit monotonous and tedious, but rewarding […]

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Thriving Through Change

Thriving Through Change: reflections on Inspirefest 2017

 https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/thriving-through-change-reflections-inspirefest-2017-claire-flannery I had the privilege of attending Inspirefest 2017 in Dublin this week.  For anyone who hasn’t heard of this yet, it’s the world’s leading event on STEM and Inclusion. To quote inspirefest.com, it’s a “truly unique international festival of technology, science, design and the arts, which places diversity and inclusion at […]

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Retrospect Series #2: “Grafton Street’s a wonderland…”

 It’s now been exactly two months since my littlest joined his big brother in crèche and I waved goodbye to my second little baba at the crèche door for the first time. Two months after my first return to work, I wrote the post below. I still remember that day…it […]

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Back to Work (3)

New Workshop 1st July – Back to Work After Baby

Are you about to go back to work after maternity leave? Learn more about our new workshop here…   Book by 14th June and avail of early-bird discount!https://www.eventbrite.ie/e/back-to-work-after-baby-tickets

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Life as a Housewife

Life as a Housewife…gender equality & the mental load

It’s been an interesting internet news week for a feminist parent like myself, with a couple of articles in particular catching my attention…http://www.irishtimes.com/life-and-style/health-family/the-best-places-to-give-birth-ireland-isn-t-in-the-top-20-1.3089123 “Using the latest data on women’s and children’s health, educational attainment, economic wellbeing and female political participation, the index shows which countries are the best for women to […]

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Successfully Managing Maternity

Feature #2 – Herfamily.ie: 6 key things every working mum-to-be needs to do BEFORE she goes on leave

6 key things every working mum-to-be needs to do BEFORE she goes on leave Another feature this week in Herfamily.ie… https://www.herfamily.ie/parenthood/6-things-every-working-mum-needs-goes-leave  

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BTWAB 2 (2)

Retrospect Series #1: Still harping on about maternity leave

Around the time I went back to work after baba #1 I started writing blog posts – for what, I’m not quite sure as I didn’t publish any at the time, or since.  I knew my company was slowly closing down, and I was preparing to move on to the […]

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Feature #1 – Herfamily.ie: 6 tips for returning to work after maternity leave

A HUGE, massive transition: 6 tips for returning to work after maternity leave Delighted to be featured in Herfamily.ie this week 🙂 hopefully the first of many… https://www.herfamily.ie/parenthood/huge-massive-transition-6-tips-returning-work-maternity-leave-265640  

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This Blog…the lowdown

Now that this blog is up and running I think it’s about time I tell you a little bit about myself and what you can expect to find here… You can find my official bio here, or a summary of my professional experience here.  So what else is there to know…Well, […]

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working during maternity leave (1)

Working During Maternity Leave

 In the last few days my social media feeds have been a bit of a flurry with the research published by SMA Nutrition that 52% women are working while on maternity leave.  You can read more about this here, here, and here. In a nutshell, the survey indicated that of 966 […]

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